Marco Landi

Marco Landi

President, Polycom Asia Pacific, Europe & Africa

Global Perspective, Growth and Untapped Opportunities

Marco Landi leads the Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa management team and is focused on identifying areas for growth and finding untapped opportunities to gain market share, while maintaining and increasing the company profitability.

Marco has worked and lived on three different continents and speaks five languages, giving him a deep appreciation of how to succeed in a geographically complex and culturally diverse region. With his culturally diverse background, Marco's vision is to help Polycom reach new markets and extend collaboration to new environments.

Prior to his current role, Marco was Polycom’s President of Europe and Middle East (EMEA) for more than two years. Prior to joining Polycom, Marco served as an executive leader at Zebra Technologies and Motorola. Marco also held various sales and marketing positions and spent three years as an economist with the United Nations.

Marco has a Master's of Arts in political science from Rome University, a Master's of Science in business and human resources from the University of Manchester and a bachelor in classics from Luciana Manara in Rome.

"As an advocate and practitioner of working on the go, the vision of a work environment with people using video for meetings, regardless of location, ignites my imagination as to how the future can and will look."

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