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Rich video collaboration for the individual user

Polycom RealPresence Desktop for Windows and Apple® Mac OS X is a powerful, enterprise-grade collaboration app that extends video communications beyond the typical conference room setting to mobile professionals. RealPresence Desktop combines quality, power and ease-of-use with industry-leading interoperability, and security that is both cost effective, and highly scalable.

When powered by Polycom's collaboration infrastructure, customers can extend desktop collaboration value with app management, interoperability, scalability, resiliency, and multi-point calling.

  • Meet the needs of collaboration in new work environments such as cube, open-workspace, home, or on the go
  • Automatically compensate for poor lighting, background noise that degrades the quality of experience
  • Share TV-quality virtual business card that identifies user, location, and title
  • Easily connect to room-based systems, or individuals with a simple directory search and click
  • Wirelessly share virtually anything from your computer to room systems through Polycom SmartPairing – no more clunky wires
  • Record video sessions right from your computer to the Polycom platform for later viewing


O Polycom RealPresence Web Suite é uma extensão de software da Plataforma Polycom RealPresence que estende a vídeo colaboração Polycom de nível empresarial seguro para qualquer pessoa com um navegador e uma câmera web.

Polycom RealPresence Desktop leverages standards-based protocols that have been deployed on more than two million video-enabled rooms, desktops, mobile devices and immersive telepresence systems. No other desktop solution offers wider and deeper interoperability.

  • Enable users with industry-first Polycom SmartPairing, ultrasonic connectivity between PC's and room systems.
  • Acoustic Fence™ creates an audio barrier that removes distractions from the conference such as water cooler talk, metro noises, grounds keeping noise
  • Backlight compensation improves video quality by properly lighting the subject even in the worst environments
  • Experience the quality and interoperability of standards-based SVC/AVC coding technologies without complex user setup or interaction
  • Leverage content collaboration no matter which signaling protocol your organization uses with standards-based H.239 and BFCP support over H.323 and SIP
  • Hear every nuance of the spoken word with the industry's leading audio codecs, which support up to 20kHz audio
  • Easily provision and authorize up to 50,000 individual users with just the click of a mouse thanks to the tight integration of RealPresence Resource Manager and Microsoft Active Directory

Customer Stories


Com a vídeo colaboração, em um evento de duas mil pessoas, por exemplo, o Governo chega a economizar cerca de R$ 900 mil

China Daily
IEP Sírio Libanês

Com o apoio da vídeo colaboração, somente um dos seus cursos dentro do programa de Apoio ao SUS, com cunho totalmente filantrópico, conseguiu saltar em dois anos de 600 para 4.320 pessoas capacitadas, de norte a sul do País

John Laing

As soluções Polycom são utilizadas para oitivas e entrevistas com crianças e adolescentes, cursos e treinamentos para membros e servidores e depoimento remoto de presos com gravação

NHS Home Dialysis

Com a vídeo colaboração, em um evento de duas mil pessoas, por exemplo, o Governo chega a economizar cerca de R$ 900 mil

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